Borough Offices

Delmont Borough Office 1-724-468-4422
Delmont Borough Tax Collector (Marybelle Weber) 1-724-468-6787
Westmoreland County Court House 1-724-830-3000
Berkheimer Tax Administrator 1-610-599-3139
District Magistrate Conway  1-724-327-8322


Police & Emergency

Emergency Call 911
Delmont Police: Non-Emergency Police Calls  1-724-468-8501
Murrysville Police: Non-Emergency Police Calls  1-724-327-2111
Kiski State Police: Non-Emergency Police Calls  1-724-727-3434
Delmont Fire Department 1-724-468-4011
Mutual Aid 1-724-468-4478 (Delmont)


Utilities & Property Management

Peoples Gas – 1-800-764-0111
West Penn Power  1-800-686-0021
Allegheny Power 1-800-255-3443
Municipal Authority of Westmoreland Co. 1-800-442-6829
Zoning Officer Bill Heaps 724-689-3632


Waste Management

Garbage Collection/Waste Management  1-800-458-4090
Allied Waste (Trash)  1-877-788-9400
Gordish Sanitation  1-724-468-4098
Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority 1-724-327-1950


Animal Services

Hoffman Kennels 1-724-468-5505


Other Organizations

PennDot, Greensburg 724-832-5387
Delmont Apple n’ Arts  1-724-325-8867
Delmont Library 1-724-468-5329
Borough Garage 1-724-468-8500
Meals on Wheels 724-468-5828
Westmoreland County Food Bank 724-468-8660

6 thoughts on “Borough Services

  • To whom it may concern,

    I was looking at purchasing a rental property in Delmont and was wondering where I could find the zoning code requirements along with what are the requirements for student housing. Any type of information would be helpful.

    Thank you,

    Andrew Soeder

  • I am doing a Property Condition Assessment of the Carmike Cinemas at 401 Vine Street in Delmont.
    Can you tell me the Zoning of the property and if there are any building or fire code violations?


  • It is my understanding that the borough no longer has paper alleys and are split between the bordering properties. How do I gain a document that proves this?

  • Hoffmann killed a dog that was in its own yard harming no one today. For absolutely no reason whatsoever. His contract needs to be terminated. This is going to get national attention as the post by the woman whose dog he killed is going viral and being shared all over the world. Please do the right thing.

  • Hi, I am inquiring about the explosions (sounds and tremors) that I have been experiencing in the vicinity for several months now. I am concerned because the sounds of the explosions have been getting closer (stronger) to the point where we and our house are shaken and we are wondering how intense they are expected to become. Thursday evening I was awakened by an explosion (vibration and sound) that made my back tingle as I was laying on my back on my sofa at the time.
    Do you know the source of these explosions and a schedule for when and where they will be occurring? We are concerned about having old mines under our house and possible subsidences while we are asleep and vulnerable as well as natural gas leaks like those we have been hearing about on the local news lately. What can we do to ensure our safety?

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