Delmont Council

Delmont Borough is administered by an elected Council and follows the PA Borough Code. The Delmont Council is composed of seven members who are elected to 4 year terms. Delmont Council meetings are the second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm at the Delmont Borough building. Current Delmont Council members are:

Council Members:

  • Andrew Shissler – President
  • Bill Marx – Vice President
  • Stanley Cheyne
  • Ann Lantz
  • Rebecca Matesevac
  • David Piper
  • Pamela Simpson

Delmont Council Meeting Minutes:

May 14 2019 Approved Minutes

April 9 2019 Approved Minutes

March 12 2019 Approved Minutes

February 2019 Approved Minutes

December 2018 Approved Minutes

November 2018 Approved Minutes

October 2018  Approved Minutes

September 2018 Approved Minutes

August 2018 Approved Minutes

July 2018 Approved Minutes

June 2018 Approved Minutes

May 2018 Approved Minutes

April 2018 Approved Minutes

March 2018 Approved Minutes


Delmont Mayor:

Mayor Alyce Urban
Alyce Urban
Former Councilwoman Alyce Urban was elected as Delmont’s Mayor in March 2014. She had served on the Delmont Council since 2012 and has been a resident of the borough for over a decade. The mayor is primarily responsible for oversight of law enforcement and public safety, but can break a tie in council, as well.

Police Chief:

T.J. Klobucar

Public Works Supervisor & Zoning Officer:

William (Bill) Heaps


Kellie Miele


Daniel J. Hewitt – McDonald & Snyder, Latrobe, PA


Kevin Brett, Gary Baird – Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering

Delmont Borough Tax Collector:

Marybelle Weber 606 Tollgate Lane, Delmont, PA 15626 Phone:  724-468-6787