Delmont Council

Delmont Borough is administered by an elected Council and follows the PA Borough Code. The Delmont Council is composed of seven members who are elected to 4 year terms. Delmont Council meetings are the second Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm at the Delmont Borough building. Current Delmont Council members are:

Council Members:

  • Andrew Shissler – President
  • Bill Marx – Vice President
  • Stanley Cheyne
  • Rebecca Matesevac
  • David Weber
  • Pamela Simpson
  • Dennis Urban

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Delmont Mayor:

Mayor Alyce Urban
Alyce Urban
Former Councilwoman Alyce Urban was elected as Delmont’s Mayor in March 2014. She had served on the Delmont Council since 2012 and has been a resident of the borough for over a decade. The mayor is primarily responsible for oversight of law enforcement and public safety, but can break a tie in council, as well.

Police Chief:

T.J. Klobucar

Public Works Supervisor & Zoning Officer:

William (Bill) Heaps


Kellie Miele


Daniel J. Hewitt – Avolio Law Group, LLC


Kevin Brett, Gary Baird – Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering

Delmont Borough Tax Collector:

Marybelle Weber

606 Tollgate Lane, Delmont, PA 15626

Phone:  724-468-6787