Delmont Borough is under two separate consent order agreements (COA).  The first COA is related to the Cramer Pump Station, located within Salem Township and operated by Delmont Borough.  The second COA is related to the Franklin Township Municipal Sewage Authority (FTMSA), which treats and conveys the sewage originating within Delmont Borough.  Delmont Borough owns and maintains the sewage lines within the borough and assesses a monthly fee through the FTMSA billing to it’s residents.

This page will be updated periodically with the current progress of each order as reported on a monthly basis from Delmont Borough’s engineer. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact Us Form on our website and we will be happy to reply.

Identification, Inspection and Mapping: Under the two COA, Delmont Borough was responsible for identifying, inspecting, and providing mapping information of the entire sewer system so that an understanding of all the flows into and out of the Borough’s facilities

Ordinances: Under the two COA, Delmont Borough was responsible for updating their lateral inspection ordinance (Lateral Resale Ordinance).  This lateral inspection is required upon the sale, transfer, assignment (as in the event of a mortgage), pledge or hypothecation of any interest in real property on which those private laterals are located, provided, however, that no such inspection shall be required for (1) transfers between husband and wife incidental to a divorce; (2) transfers through a Decree of Distribution incidental to the administration of an Estate; and (3) a refinancing of an existing mortgage by a mortgagor who has had a visual inspection of the lateral and had action taken to correct any failure within 5 years of the refinancing. The inspection shall be accomplished by televising the laterals according to procedures adopted by each Municipal Entity designed to detect a “structurally defective” lateral as defined below. Upon receipt of inspection results that demonstrate the lateral is “structurally defective,” which shall constitute a failed test (“Failure” or “Failed”), such private laterals must be repaired or replaced by the property owner prior to the issuance of a certificate indicating the absence of liens on the real property in question. The Municipal Entities shall diligently enforce the Lateral Resale Ordinance. A “structurally defective” lateral shall be defined as a sewer lateral that exhibits root intrusion, separated joint(s), broken pipe(s), cracks, inflow and/or infiltration of storm, spring and/or groundwater, or any other condition which lends itself to inflow and/or infiltration of water into the sewer lateral other than sanitary and/or gray water.

Smoke and/or Dye Testing: Under the two COA, Delmont Borough is responsible for conducting system wide smoke and dye testing.  The smoke testing was completed in the fall of 2021, with the Borough working to resolve all identified issues with the homeowners.  Dye Testing of the private connections is ongoing and is scheduled to be completed by the middle of 2023.  If you receive a door hanger that a dye test is going to occur, you may see Delmont Borough Public Works employees on your property and near your home.  Access within your home may also be required.  The Borough Public Works employees will be using a dye to determine if any illegal connections exist on your property. This is required for all properties within the borough.

CCTV and Clean: Delmont Borough will be CCTV’ing (video inspection) all of the borough owned lines within the borough.  Cleaning will occur where needed.  Any defects found will be classified and categorized for action.

Flow Monitoring: Delmont Borough has performed flow monitoring that will be used to develop a detailed model of the system.  This data has been provided to other entities that will be developing an overall model of the FTMSA system.

SSO Elimination Plan: Delmont Borough has developed a plan to eliminate the current SSOs that occur within its system.  The plan to resolve the FTMSA SSOs is being developed by FTMSA with input from the impacted entities.