A copy of the Delmont Borough Zoning Ordinance is available here.

Notice of Appeal to Zoning Hearing Board

Zoning Certificate Application

Zoning Complaint Form

Jobe Inspection Services – Building Permit



Newhouse Park Permit – UPDATED 11-2023

Parklet Permit

Field Permit Use


Public Safety

Vacation House Check Form


Time of Sale Sewage Inspections

Sewage Lateral Test Form

Plumber Certification

Plumbers that service Delmont Borough  

Please note:  Plumbers must coordinate with Bill Heaps, Public Works Supervisor and be able to video record the testing.  Testing is done on Tuesday and Thursday.  Please have the plumber you select contact Bill Heaps to coordinate their times.  His number is 724 689-3632.  The cost of the Borough’s verification is $150 due at the time of inspection.  The check should be made out to Delmont Borough.  The cost of the plumber is separate and paid for by the homeowner.


No Lien Letters are $50.00 The check should be made out to Delmont Borough