Delmont has developed an Active Transportation Plan (ATP) to help make walking, biking, rolling and riding in our community safer, easier, and more accessible for everyone! The ATP was named Community Connections at the Crossroads.

Community Connections at the Crossroads is a standalone document with potential to interact with Delmont’s DCNR funded Comprehensive Recreation, Parks and Open Spaces Plan and inform future comprehensive plans. This Active Transportation Plan (ATP) includes priority recommendations for implementing strategies, aspects, and core objectives of the Westmoreland County 2018 Comprehensive Plan, Reimagining Our Westmoreland ( by creating a unified community vision for –
• connecting Delmont to the existing Westmoreland Heritage Trail to enhance the regional trail system
• making parks welcoming & accessible by creating a connection to the borough’s Newhouse Park via improved bicycle and pedestrian crossings at Rt. 66
• enhancing the sidewalks and low-volume residential streets of Delmont’s neighborhoods to connect with nearby small commercial businesses and local parklets
• preserving open spaces by enhancing Delmont’s green spaces
• improving community parks’ facilities to enable residents and visitors to get healthy by promoting easily-accessed exercise walking routes
• ultimately enhancing the Delmont area to become a “Healthy and Whole” community.